Any community event that is held in Reddish* is eligible for inclusion in this calendar as long as it’s not run for profit, is organised by the community and/or for the community. Fundraising events are obviously most welcome.

Events must also comply with generally accepted standards of decency, honesty and integrity.

All events must be open to and respectful of everyone in our community.

*For the purposes of this calendar, Reddish is defined as the wards of North and South Reddish.

Kate Butler

  2 Responses to “Guidelines”

  1. North Reddish has a wide network of Social Club’s ,Pubs. etc which put on social or charity fundraiser nights. Also just regular weekend entertainment. Could the Community Calendar include any of these or link with the particular Social Clubs own FB pages.?

    • Good question. You know I’m keen to support local businesses but I really think that a line has to be drawn very clearly between events or occasions put on as a purely commercial enterprise and those that benefit the wider community in some way. So yes, fundraisers are fine wherever they’re held. In the longer term, I’m thinking of something along the lines of charging a small fee for commercial listings and letting the organiser/venue decide which community group they want that money passing on to. It’s early days though and I’m open to suggestions. Kate.

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