Dec 162012
Abs and Dec from Absolute Kids helping Santa spread some Christmas cheer

Synergy is a funny old word. It’s over-used to almost comedic effect in the business world and often sounds like something straight from the mouth of David Brent. But here in North Reddish we’ve had a perfect example in the past week of synergy in action where 2 + 2 really does = 5 or more. Let me explain.

One of our most well-known and well-respected community leaders is a lady called Carole Rigby. Every year Carole organises the Christmas Light Switch On in Houldsworth Square, a Christmas dinner for the elderly and a children’s Christmas party. She does this with various partners including Stockport Council, Stockport North Police and the Fir Tree pub amongst others. But, make no mistake, she’s the driving force and it’s doubtful that without her any of these centre-piece events would happen at all.

However this year a vital piece of the North Reddish Christmas event jigsaw was in danger of being lost: the fundraising. This, together with a growing awareness that any council-related funding is likely to diminish in future, put next year’s festivities at risk.

Abs and Dec from Absolute Kids lend Santa a hand

In steps local businessman Gary Penkethman and his team from Absolute DJs with a borrowed sleigh, transport, a sound system and volunteers to help Carole tour the streets of North Reddish with Father Christmas. For three freezing cold nights Carole and Gary’s gang introduced Santa to young and old, spreading Christmas cheer and raising smiles as well as much needed funds. In total, just over £500 was collected as the team tried to get around as much of North Reddish as they could manage in the time they had. Click here to take a look at some of the comments received and to see how so much more than money was raised.

North Reddish councillor David Wilson pitches in with the fundraising

So where does the synergy come in? Well, the aim was to raise money but a heck of a lot more than that was achieved.  A community came together, plans for the future were plotted and a lot of little people were made very happy. The lesson I guess for event organisers here is to keep your ultimate goal in mind but always look out for ways to put a little more in to get a helluva lot more out.

And if you can find a friendly local business to pitch in and help then everyone’s a winner!


Kate Butler

 16 December 2012

  3 Responses to “Finding out that 2 + 2 = 5 … and maybe even more!”

  1. Absolutely fantastic. There’s a lot happening in Reddish now, not only with Carole, but with the Building preservation trust ideas for the Library complex and this Reddish Community Calendar.
    Now that I’ve ;eft the Council you’re doing very well. There must be a message for me some where. All the best for Christmas and more strength to your arm for the new year.

  2. Odd. Such a connotation “2+2=5” brings to mind.
    At first glance, I thought I must be delusional, or hallucinating, or in a dream, but I made no mistake, it “says on the tin” – “2+2=5…etc. etc.”
    Now, call it ironic, that I’m acting out the personified likeness of the reference-sake, but surely, this is out of place?
    It seems Reddish and it’s oddies just go to show it’s setting the standard for making the paranoid more brittle and fretful, no?
    So, from what I gather, 2+2=5 is synergy?
    I guess ignorance is strength, huh? 😉

    • It was just an easy way of saying the whole sometimes is greater than the sum of its parts!

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